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people skiing down powdery slope

Winter Holidays in the Snow

Feeling the urge to embark on a cold-weather holiday? Some of the world’s most stunning locations are coated with a pristine blanket of ice and snow. It’s time to wrap up warm and step forth into a winter wonderland of mystery and splendour, curated by Never A Wasted Journey.


European Holidays for You to Choose Between
Bucket List: Octola Private Lodge, Lapland

How about the most exclusive lodge In Lapland? Octola Private Lodge is spread over 400 hectares of wilderness. In fact, the exact location of this off-the-radar estate (for exclusive-use stays only) is a closely guarded secret – yep, even Google won’t tell you – which not only draws royals and film stars but also adds to the mystery.


Enjoy your own Michelin-level private chef, ice skating on a remote lake, reindeer drawn sleigh rides, husky sledding, snowmobiles, getting up close and personal with the Northern lights and you might even find Father Christmas waiting in his hidden wooden workshop in the forest.

Japanese macaque

Mid-Range: the Snow Monkeys of Yudanaka Onsen, Japan in Winter

Japan's most famous primates are the 'snow monkeys' of the hot springs near Yudanaka Onsen. To escape the chill of winter, the monkeys love to play in the natural hot spring baths.


It's a fantastic spectacle; unperturbed by humans and their cameras, whole families of monkeys eat, wash, splash around and even have snowball fights.


Next stop Tokyo which showcases Japan’s technological modernity. Its bright lights, towering skyscrapers and hectic streets need no introduction. However, with a world of bedazzling experiences throughout Japan you might not want to stop there.

Best Value:
The Tree Hotel, Sweden

The Tree-hotel in Sweden is set high in a beautiful pine forest, 60 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle, are eight unique treehouses each created by a different architect.


This is a hotel unlike any other on earth, mixing modernist, minimalist design and back-to nature values with childhood fantasies of sleeping amongst the treetops. Take your pick from staying in the Mirrorcube, UFO or perhaps the Bird's Nest.


It's all about the Great Outdoors here with adventures that include ziplining, ice fishing, skiing and more!

person skiing in woodland scene

Your Winter Holiday Awaits

Turn your winter holiday in the snow from a ‘pipedream’ to a tangible reality that creates memories to last forever. Speak to Never A Wasted Journey about your bespoke cold-weather holiday today.

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