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Holiday in Croatia

Beautiful scenery. Rich history. Vibrant national culture. And the climate and crystal blue waters that the Mediterranean is known for. You can find it all wrapped in a bow with Croatia. Never A Wasted Journey can create a trip that samples all its many delights.


A Side of the Mediterranean You Haven't Seen Before

Traverse the rolling cliffs. Meander through the beech forests. Walk along the cliff tops. Stroll along the beach and see the sun set over those diamond blue waters. And if you’re a bit of a climber, the islands of Croatia have many peaks to conquer too. This special country has a natural wonder all of its very own.

But if you decide to explore Croatia’s urban life, there’s much to offer. As you wander through the streets under those distinctive terracotta roofs, you’ll hear the iconic tones of the lijerica.  Maybe you’ll enjoy an al fresco lunch as the distinctive instrument plays. Or maybe you’re a night owl, in which case the street food at this time is to die for. Explore a little further and you’ll also see the vestiges of Croatia’s Roman past. And maybe even some of the vineyards that the country is famous for.

It’s an experience like no other. Never A Wasted Journey can help you taste the best of it.

Pula Amphitheater Croatia

What Kind of Trip?

Are you happiest when you’re relaxing on the beach? Negotiating a cliff top walk? Sampling wines under a Mediterranean sunset?

The right Croatia experience depends on your sensibilities. But once we know what they are, we can use our knowledge of the region and our network of contacts to craft a holiday that speaks to your specific interests. We’re your personal travel agent, solely invested in fitting the holiday to you and not you to the holiday. You can reach us at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And our rates are among the most competitive in the region.

Explore Croatia

If Croatia’s landscapes, history and culture is speaking to you, then get in touch and our travel agents will put together the perfect holiday package for you.

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