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Bespoke Holiday Packages to The World’s Most Stunning Locations

Welcome to Never A Wasted Journey, your gateway to extraordinary travel experiences. With years of expertise in crafting luxury journeys, we specialise in curating unforgettable holidays tailored to your exact specifications.

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Taking You Beyond What You Thought Possible When It Comes to Bespoke Holidays of Unbridled Luxury

Never A Wasted Journey is a multi-award-winning travel company, specialising in luxury holidays worldwide and creating experiences to add the wow factor to your time away.


We take the time to listen to and understand your goals and desires, then bring them to life using a combination of insider knowledge and the finest network of contacts in the industry. Our itineraries are tailor-made for you, and you won’t find them anywhere else.


A heated pop-up camp on a glacier in Iceland so you can spend a night under the Northern Lights, perhaps?


From skiing with the national Olympic team on a mini-moon in Canada to a private cooking class with a Michelin-starred chef in Florence, the opportunities are endless. Our multi-award winning, personal approach delivers where technology cannot, providing exclusive access to the most sought-after places, island buy-outs and private jets if you desire, with all journeys completely customised around you and your needs. Enjoy a service that is highly personalised, attentive and which comes with the utmost discretion.

"I have been using Dan at never a wasted journey for a number of years now. He provides great service always with the most professional and helpful guidance. I have trusted Dans recommendations on a number of occasions now, and he has never once disappointed! Highly highly recommend!"

- JordanB-470

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Who are Never a Wasted Journey?

Founded in 2015 by travel professional and entrepreneur, Dan Salmon, we are a multi-award-winning travel company that curates personalised holiday packages to create memories that last a lifetime.


We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of the perfect getaway that is personalised to you and tailor-made to provide a luxury experience to surpass your wildest dreams.

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We mean what we say when we promise your holiday with us will be 100% bespoke, with luxurious accommodation, exclusive activities and personalised itineraries all delivered in accordance with your requests.

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