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Travel to Asia

Welcome to Asia: a vast continent where you can discover immense cultural treasures and world-renowned wildlife – all with the guidance of Never A Wasted Journey. Your tour of Asia will be a genuinely bespoke experience tailor-made for you.


What Does Asia Have to Offer?

Asia is an enigmatic continent, with its ancient settlements, spectacular coastline and immense cultural treasures. From the bustling cities of Kuala Lumpur and Beijing, to the majestic temples of Bali and the Taj Mahal, this vast land offers the chance to explore a wide range of diverse cultures and experience a truly unique atmosphere.


Experience the timeless beach paradises of Thailand and Vietnam, explore the spectacular jungles of Cambodia and Laos, and be amazed by the Komodo dragon of Indonesia. Get close to nature and world-renowned wildlife, from the orangutans of Borneo to the pandas of China and the majestic tigers of India. Enjoy mouth-watering street food and discover delicious gourmet cuisine from all corners of the continent. Whether you're looking to relax on some of the world's most beautiful beaches, or to take on a challenging dive in untouched waters, Asia has it all.


Don't miss the renowned sights of Asia: the white-washed palaces of the Arabian Peninsula, the timeless temples of Angkor, the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal and the iconic Raffles Hotel in Singapore, home of the famous Singapore Sling. Visit Asia and discover its exciting blend of history, culture and natural beauty. Immerse yourself in the vibrant city nightlife of Bangkok, explore the terracotta warriors of Beijing or take a leisurely sail around Langkawi beach in Malaysia.


Experience the incredible hospitality of the locals, explore the spectacular rainforests of Ubud and experience the unique culture of Bali. Enjoy a special journey and let Asia surprise you.


Holidays in Asia for You to Consider -
Bucket List: Bali

With pristine white beaches and a striking natural beauty, Bali is a true definition of an island paradise. Offering the chance to surf the waves, discover local temples, soak up the art and culture of Ubud, zip-line through jungle forests, tour volcanoes or immerse yourself in wellness.


A stay here is far from ordinary. If you can extend your stay then hop over to the pristine beaches of Lombok or sail to the Gili Islands - the turtle capital of the world!


A luxury Vietnam holiday offers an exciting mix of bustling cities, history culture and beautiful scenery.


Tour the buzzing markets and historic architecture of Hanoi, cruise to see the stunning natural beauty of UNESCO World Heritage-listed Halong Bay, take a day trip to the Cu Chi Tunnels (once the underground network for Viet Cong fighters) or relax with a spa treatment on of the beach resorts of Hoi An. This is an eye-opening experience not to be missed!


Best Value:

Explore golden temples by tuk-tuk, try delicious street food, experience vibrant shopping and nightlife of Bangkok, watch elephants wander through ancient national parks in the North or relax on one of the beautiful islands scattered across glistening emerald seas in the South.


Thailand is one of the few places in the world where you can see a city, rainforest and beach in one trip!

Your Luxury Holiday in Asia Awaits

With Never A Wasted Journey, every booking is unique. We will work with you to ensure your holiday in Asia is the perfect getaway from start to end.

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