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Cruise Ship in Bay

Luxury Cruise Holidays

The ocean is a vast and awe-inspiring place that harbours countless leagues of known and unknown wonders alike. Travelling in the lap of luxury across this vast, glittering expanse is an experience you will never forget. But who said you have to sail on top of the waves? Take a submarine tour down to the seabed, or travel inland through the tranquil rivers of France and experience the many treasures that await you at the water’s edge. All made possible with Never A Wasted Journey.


Your Cruise Liner to A Spiritual Haven Awaits You Bucket List: Seabourn Submarine Cruises

Consider it the ultimate luxury perk on the ultimate luxury expedition ships: a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the wonders of the ocean floor in the comfort of Seabourn’s custom submarines.


The deeper you explore beneath the ocean’s surface, the more unique the scenery becomes, and the more secrets the sea reveals, from incredible sunken shipwrecks to stunning coral reefs to unique marine wildlife normally hidden from human view.


The only way to experience this otherworldly realm is by submarine, and working with Seabourn mean these undersea explorations can take place in their custom-built submarines crafted to be the best at the sea.

Luxury Cruise Liner

Mid-Range: Belmond River Cruises, Les Bateaux Belmond

Each member of the Belmond fleet offers unique accommodation. However, all share a heightened sense of elegance and luxury. Spacious cabins come with every creature comfort.


Some barges enjoy heated pools, some are adorned with antiques and murals—and one even has a grand piano.


So give in to the allure of France, from its iconic cuisine and wines to stunning landscapes and architecture, onboard a Belmond River Cruise.

Best Value Star Clipper Cruises

Perfect for cruising in casual elegance. Star Clipper itineraries range from the sun-kissed Mediterranean to the Caribbean.


Onboard, you will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, friendly crew, and international cuisine, all in pampered comfort.


If you're a boating enthusiast, you can choose to lend a hand hoisting the sails, you can climb the mast, or you can just lay back in luxury and let the crew do all the work.


So why not board the largest fully rigged sailing ship in the world for a blissful oceanic experience to treasure for all time?

Ship deck overlooking ocean

Your Cruise Awaits

Book a luxury cruise holiday with Never A Wasted Journey, and experience a tailor-made journey that is truly one-of-a-kind.

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