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Adventure Holidays

Let the spirit of adventure take hold of your soul as you venture into realms you thought you would never lay eyes upon. Have experiences that get the adrenaline pumping and immerse yourself in extraordinary cultures, on your bespoke adventure holiday with Never A Wasted Journey.


Bucket List:
Sightseeing and thrill-seeking
in New Zealand

There is perhaps nowhere in the world more enchanting, nor more naturally beautiful, than New Zealand. Two islands, one inspiring experience, stretching from the glaciers and fiords of the south, past the bubbling thermal pools of Rotorua to the yacht-dotted bays of the north.


Your camera will never have been so busy, and you may even recognise some of the scenery from The Lord of the Rings films.


Think helicopter picnics on remote glaciers, some of the rarest native wildlife not found anywhere else on Earth, off-the-grid luxury lodges, winelands, bungee jumping, sky diving, white water rafting and hot air ballooning!


Not forgetting the local people, who make this land so special. Take part in a creative group that teaches you how to craft wood products, and learn invaluable techniques in the use of traditional wood tools and woodworking techniques.

Emerald lake, Yoho National park, Canada

Mid-Range: the Mountain Ranges and Great Cities of Canada

Set off on a journey of a lifetime through the soaring mountain ranges, melting-pot cities and along wave-shaped coastlines on an epic Canada holiday.


Canada quickens the pulse, stirs the soul and ups the intensity when it comes to creative ways to see some of the world’s most beautiful places. Road trip through the Canadian Rockies, walk high above British Columbia’s rainforest and tick off glaciers, icefields, skywalks and waterfalls surrounding Banff and Jasper.


Canada’s majestic mountains, topaz-coloured lakes, wild parks and wilder animals showcase nature at its most astounding. Sophisticated cities give an even bigger picture of the diversity of this country - Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto - all snapshots of urban life as its prettiest and most vibrant.

Best Value:
Holiday in India

The energy and spirit that dances through India comes from the first explosion of patchouli incensed balmy air to the second or third bizarre glimpse of a cow ambling along the road on your wild rickshaw journey into Delhi.


There’s that breath-taking first sighting of the pink city of Jaipur and a spectacular sunrise view of the Taj Mahal. India holidays are all encompassing – one moment mouth-watering street food in Mumbai, the next a gastronomic feast in Udaipur; one day a cacophony of vibrant market shopping, Hindu temples and sacred statues, another a sedate afternoon cruising the Keralan backwaters.


Imagine hotels clad in cool marble, cities built by Mughal emperors, undiscovered rural corners where you can share a cup of chai with locals and Rajasthan’s hectic but resplendent cities. A tour through India will take you on a journey of cultural riches.

Taj Mahal on a bright and clear day

Your Adventure Awaits

Let Never A Wasted Journey curate your thrilling adventure holiday. An inspiring travel experience that is tailor made to you from start to end.

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