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Wellness Retreats and Wellbeing Escapes

Take charge of your health and well-being with a with the help of Never A Wasted Journey. Our bespoke well-being holiday packages give you the chance to relax unwind, connect with your spiritual “inner you” and experience complete rejuvenation and fulfilment from head to toe.


Your Wellbeing Escape Awaits You in A Tranquil Location Across the Sea - 
Bucket List: The Joali Being Resort in the Maldives

Welcome to a hotel concept the Maldives hasn’t seen before. Joali Being has managed to create a retreat that’s unlike anything else in the region (or the world for that matter). Don’t expect subpar spa treatments or rigorous bootcamp-style detoxes.


Instead, Signature Immersion Programmes and specially designed spaces target particular areas of lifestyle change. And there’s no need to fear the clean cuisine: it cleanses but leaves no room for hunger – even the wine that makes an appearance if desired claims to be hangover free.

Bali street scene

Como Shambhala in Bali

Combining comprehensive treatments with the spirit of adventure, the jungle cocooned paradise of Como Shambhala in Bali is an immersive wellness experience.


Lending itself to an exploration of nature, body awakening activities such as yoga by the river and ridge walking will kick start your road to restoration.


If you prefer a more relaxed vibe, Dead Sea mud therapy and hot river stone massages coupled with healthy Asian cuisine will have you feeling Zen long after your holiday has ended.

Best Value:
The Six Senses Resort in Portugal

Everything about the Six Senses property in Portugal radiates wellness and sustainability.


From the surrounding vine-covered hills to the healthy cuisine prepared with fresh ingredients from the organic fruit and vegetable garden. Take in the beautiful scenery with Aerial yoga, or canoe across the serene waters of the Douro Valley River.


Locally inspired spa treatments will bring forth mind, body and soul restoration, whilst workshops will show you how to use fresh herbs to treat your ailments.

Lisbon Coast

Your Wellness Holiday Awaits

A healthy body and positive mindset are so important in a world that can be incredibly hectic and demanding of our energies. With Never A Wasted Journey, our tailor-made wellness retreat holidays are all about getting back to you. Let’s start the planning process together.

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