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view of holiday locations from aeroplane window

Holiday Destinations

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with Never A Wasted Journey as we take you to captivating destinations across the globe. But where to go? How to get there? Let us break down some of the most enviable and luxurious places to visit, including a variety of best-kept secrets that will leave you enthralled.


A Bespoke, Personalised Travel Itinerary to The World’s Most Gorgeous Holiday Destinations

Explore Asia's lush landscapes, immerse yourself in Africa's vibrant cultures, relax on the sun-kissed beaches of the Americas, unravel Europe's historical treasures, discover Oceania's natural wonders, and embrace the mystique of the Middle East.


Choose from a single-country immersion, a multi-centre journey, or a round-the-world expedition. We curate exceptional itineraries that reflect your personal preferences, ensuring no moment is wasted and that every step leaves an indelible mark on your heart.


Join us on this remarkable voyage where luxury and tailored experiences converge. Let us transform your travel dreams into reality, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime. Discover the world with Never A Wasted Journey, where every journey is an opportunity for extraordinary adventures.

Cloudy sunset of Singapore Central Business District shot at Marina Bay Sands Boardwalk


Explore the wonders of South-East Asia with a trek around the iconic beaches, visit mystical monasteries, try mouth-watering street food and local hospitality in India. Visit the Taj Mahal and Ubud rainforest in Bali, the Komodo dragon in Indonesia, the Great Wall of China and Terracotta Warriors in Beijing. Prepare for a journey of a lifetime!


Experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in Australia and New Zealand! From the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge to the Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef to iconic cities. Explore Aborigine culture and fashion, discover the wild beauty and iconic beaches plus scuba diving, surfing and sailing. Pack your bags for this amazing adventure!

Sydney Skyline as seen from Milsons Point, Australia
Female traveller standing at the edge of Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon in Iceland


Embark on a journey of a lifetime with a luxury cruise and explore the breathtaking beauty of a frozen landscape. Drake Passage, South Georgia, Shackleton and the Falkland Islands will give you a chance to photograph, hike and kayak in the wild and learn about geology, marine life and even meet humpback whales.


Explore South Africa's vast, diverse wilderness and experience everything from Table Mountain and beaches of the Indian Ocean to gorilla trekking in Rwanda and the Great Migration of the Masai Mara. From wildlife and adventure to relaxation, culture, local life and more - South Africa has it all.

Palm trees and wooden umbrellas on beach resort waiting to be taken by tourists in an empty Paradise Beach
Beautiful village of Atrani along the Amalfi Coast, Italy


Experience the pinnacle of luxury on your European holiday. From the glamorous streets of Paris to the historic wonders of Rome, indulge in opulent accommodation, world-class cuisine, and unrivalled cultural experiences. Explore enchanting cities, soak in breathtaking landscapes, and create cherished memories in the lap of European luxury.

North America

Escape to explore the wonders of the USA, Canada and beyond! From the Grand Canyon to Disney, the wild west and wildlife to the Niagara Falls, there is something for everyone. Let us take you on a unique fly-drive or road-trip to explore the great outdoors, heavenly beaches, luxury vineyards and history around every corner.

Manhattan viewed from on high
View of Botafogo

South America

Discover ancient civilisations and diverse culture while immersing in breathtaking wildlife and landscapes on your inspirational journey across South America. From Argentina to Peru, Brazil to Ecuador. Wine, foodie and city tours, helicopter, rail and sailing excursions await!

Can't Decide Where You Want to Go Next?

Just want to explore every single corner of the world? Not a problem! Tell us the things you'd like to do, what you want to experience and let Never A Wasted Journey build you the perfect experience to last a lifetime.

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