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Winter sun escapes

As the days grow shorter and winter approaches, the allure of sun-soaked destinations becomes irresistible.


Picture yourself trading the chilly winds for the gentle caress of warm breezes, the snowflakes for sandy shores, and the gloomy skies for endless blue horizons. Embark on a journey exploring the magic of winter sun escapes, where every moment is bathed in the golden glow of the sun.


Discover why planning your sun-kissed getaway early is the key to a truly relaxing and memorable vacation. From hidden gems to renowned havens, winter sun destinations eagerly await your exploration.

Get away from it all closer to home with these fabulous boutique retreats

Delighted to be featured in the Business Reporter, sharing how those who may not be able to afford a foreign holiday this year can still have a great getaway within the UK.


As people feel the cost-of-living squeeze, many are looking closer to home for that escape from the everyday, whether it’s to spend quality time with their nearest and dearest, a quiet few days in the country or a exhilarating city break.


Here are some great ideas close to home for that perfect UK break, with luxury still at it's heart

Never A Wasted Life: From Backpacker to Luxury Travel Designer of the Year

'in this book, I’m sharing it all.


The ups and the downs, the oh-so-embarrassing stories, and a behind-the-scenes look at how I can create the most incredible holidays for my wonderful clients – whether that’s dancing under the Northern Lights or a front-row seat at Paris Fashion Week.


Through the book, I'm also raising funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital, following care for our daughter Savannah.

The best places to go for a last-minute summer holiday

Haven't planned your summer holiday yet?


Don't worry, we've got you covered!


From luxury breaks to family-friendly adventures and great value options, our blog reveals the best destinations for your last-minute summer escape.


Explore stunning beaches, cultural wonders, and more.


Let me plan your dream getaway.

How the super-wealthy do glamping holidays

I've been featured in The Telegraph this week after speaking with Hazel Plush, Travel Writer on the growing trend for Glamping holidays.


We also spoke about how even the more challenging of requests are just anothe rday in the office for Never a Wasted Journey.


Read in the link below.


No matter what your dream holiday is, how wild you think may be, at Never a Wasted Journey I will make it happen.

The best luxury holiday destinations for a family vacation in July 

Are you ready for a luxurious family vacation this July? Look no further!


Never a Wasted Journey has curated a collection of top luxury holiday destinations around the world, offering an abundance of unforgettable experiences for families like yours.


Discover why July is the perfect time to travel and explore the diverse temperatures and luxury ideas awaiting you in each location.


Get ready to create extraordinary memories with your loved ones!

Interview now live on YouTube

My interview with the Business Reporter & Reuters is live on my YouTube channel:!


It was a great chance to share the story of 'Never A Wasted Journey' and discuss all things travel.

Luxury Seller of the Year Finalist

I've been named a Luxury Seller of the Year finalist at the Aspire Travel Awards and I couldn't be happier.


It's my job to build and create the perfect holidays for my clients. Good luck to all the finalists.

My top 5 reasons why it pays to book early

We all want to get away from the every day.


After years of travelling and even more working as a travel consultant, I share my top 5 top 5 tips on why you should book early. 


So if you're thinking about Summer 2023, you might want to read on....


Here to create a bespoke holiday for you - Essex Live interview

There are few things in life more exciting than booking a holiday.


I spoke to Essex Live, talking about Never a Wasted Journey and how to get the best deals and building the perfect holiday.

Travel Worth Talking About

Welcome to my latest roundup of what’s been getting people talking this month.


From the latest newcomers to travel trends that are too good to miss.

Travel With Confidence

Experience! Reliability! Expertise!

Unsure on Covid-19 restrictions, where and when you can travel? Let me take the stress out of planning your next bespoke holiday. As an award winning travel consultant, I have the experience, expertise and connections to make your next adventure the best ever.

Why I started Never a Wasted Journey

To deliver a unique and memorable travel experience

Putting years of experience together, I created Never A Wasted Journey in 2013, wanting to offer a more personal booking experience and offering holidays to stay in your memory for a lifetime.

Essex Live interview on the inception of Never a Wasted Journey

There was a gap in the market for creating more personal holidays

There are few things in life more exciting than booking a holiday. From choosing the perfect destination to getting those tropical shirts ready, it's a feeling that's hard to beat.


The only tricky part is deciding where to go...

Independent article on why travel is Never a Wasted Journey

Travel in a rapidly chaging world

People are becoming more demanding as ordinary tourism become commoditised. They want experiences they would not be able to have at home and service levels they are unused to. And, in an Instagram world, they want to feel exclusive and show off that exclusivity to their friends.

Q&A with the Beresfords team

My aim is to make your journeys less complex and more seamless in a world which has become more complex.

My favourite destination I have been lucky enough to visit, by far, has to be Uganda. It offered me the opportunity to witness everything from tree climbing lions on safari to staying on the banks of rivers teaming with elephants and hippos. The biggest draw however was trekking through the rainforest and coming face to face with a family of endangered mountain gorillas.

Contact Never a Wasted Journey

A Unique and Memorable Experience

At Never a Wasted Journey, I'm passionate about creating exceptional travel experiences that are as unique as our clients.


With my meticulous attention to detail and commitment to luxury, I'll go above and beyond to curate tailor-made vacations that perfectly align with your desires.


From luxurious accommodations in breathtaking destinations to personalised activities and insider access, every aspect of your journey is carefully crafted to ensure an unforgettable experience. 

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